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Advanced Open Water Course

Advanced certification course

Further your diving knowledge and skills with the PADI Advanced course. This course can be taken after completing your Open Water course. Includes 5 adventure dives and advances your diving knowledge and in-water skills.

underwater image of an octopus on a night dive in cozumel night diving in cozumel octopus photography underwater photo octopus at night color changing octopus sealife wildlife octopus encounter

Plan 5 specialty dives including a deep dive and a navigation dive.


- During the Deep Dive, you learn how to plan dives and deal with the physiological effects, risks, and challenges of diving deeper.

- The Navigation Dive refines your compass and navigational skills using kick-cycles, visual landmarks, and time.


- Peak Performance Buoyancy is also included as one of the 5 dives. Proper and controlled buoyancy is key, and also improves your overall confidence and abilities in the water. 

Once you complete the PADI online eLearning material go on 5 adventure dives including a deep dive (beyond 18m/60f, and up to 30m/100f), a navigation dive, and peak performance buoyancy, plus 2 more dives of your choice such as night, boat, wreck, drift, digital underwater imaging, fish ID, or naturalist.

The Advanced Open Water course is designed to improve your overall diving skills, and consists of PADI online eLearning material, plus 5 specialty dives. Build your confidence and experience, as you learn how to think like a diver. This course is fun and rewarding, and is completed over 2-3 days. Must be Open water certified to start. 

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