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Dive with Taz!

Book your spot today, and dive
in the sacred mayan cenotes.

A personalized diving experience

Not just your regular dive operation. Taz is a solo female dive instructor and cenote guide. She doesn't work for a shop, she IS the shop. Taz Diving offers a personalized diving service catered to your experience and comfort level. From bookings, to logistics, to going diving, she will ensure you will have fun and feel safe during your dive experience. 


About Cavern Diving

Dive through portals that transcend you to another realm. No, but really... the cenotes are pretty out of this world! Enter the largest flooded cave system in the planet through these ancient, natural collapses in the jungles of the Yucatan.  

Loved and recommended by the community, near and far.

"Taz is a total pro with the fun-loving know-how for the best spots of a seasoned local. Taz has a love for Cenote dives and approached each with us with a deep level of understanding and knowledge that she shared passionately."


Over 9 years of
diving experience

Taz has been diving in many corners of the world as a professional, technical and recreational diver. She loves to share her experiences and expertise with divers of all levels.

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