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Cenote Diving Trip

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group photo of scuba divers underwater


The Cenotes:

During this week, you will learn all about these ancient freshwater cenotes, which play a vital role in the environment, hold thousands of years of natural history, and millions of years of geological history.


Cenote means "sacred well" in the Mayan language, and is known to have some of the best visibility diving can offer. Not only is the water crystal clear, but special phenomenons like light rays, sulfur clouds, and haloclines also exist here, along with evidence of past life in the form of bones or artifacts. The logistics of getting to the cenotes is fun, as you drive by truck through the jungle, gear up and walk right in. The cenotes are a little oasis hidden in paradise, filled with endless, unique, cave formations.

The Itinerary:

This is an 8 day/7 night trip, with 5 days of cenote diving. Arrive in Tulum for your first nights accommodation. Meet and greet over an incredible dinner in-house prepared by our chef. Welcome presentation before dinner.

Each day you will get picked up at the house after breakfast and set off to dive in the spectacular cenotes around Tulum.

Our first cenote on day 1 will be shallow and very easy perfect for a check out / refresher dive. Then we proceed to the more cavernous and decorated and deeper cenotes in the area. Every day we will dive in 2 separate cenotes with each one being even better than the last. The formations and contours of the caverns are extremely diverse and the cenotes all have their own special features.


On the last day, we will go explore the ruins of the ancient city of Coba where the remains of a powerful Mayan city stands peacefully in the jungle. Coba had its splendor era even before Chichén Itzá and is relevant due to the 'stelas' engraved with hieroglyphs that display Mayan information from 600 A.D.

See the tallest pyramid in the south of Mexico here.

The Accommodation:

You will be staying in the heart of Tulum, in a large house with 9 room options, 3 pools, a rooftop and barbecue area. Each diver or couple will get their own individual room with a king or queen bed, and private bathroom. This house is very comfortable and has lots of places to hang out or hide out. If you want to check out the town for shopping or finding a local taco joint, its only a few minutes walk away. 

The diving:​

This trip is for advanced divers due to the depths and difficulty of some cenotes. The group size is maximum 8 divers, and there will be 2 cavern guides/divemasters in total. (1 for every 4 divers). We will start off with the easiest cenotes and work our way up as the week goes on. If you would like to do an advanced course before the trip starts it can be arranged.

There are no currents or external conditions to worry about, it's just calm, peaceful, and breathtaking. With that being said there are many beautiful and delicate formations inside, so good buoyancy is a must. 


We are so lucky to have MekanPhotography, an award-winning underwater photographer and talented cave diving photographer joining us on the trip to take individual photos during one day of diving included in the price. 

If you wish to bring your own camera gear you are welcome to, however, know that each cenote may charge a camera fee varying from  $5 - $20 to bring your camera or go pro.  


$2650 per person. 

Inclusions & Exclusions

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underwater photo of scuba diver in cenote the pit with straight light rays
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